“Carte Blanche”

Interactive Technology in Advertisements Just searching for great interactive ads on Google showed me how far we have come with the types of media we consume daily. Interactive advertisements are in almost every aspect of the world. From print, online, to the billboards we drive by each day. They're getting better and better every year.... Continue Reading →


“Knowledge is power, data is money”

Amazon Knows Us a Little Too Well With how fast technology is advancing it isn’t surprising that companies know everything about us. From our buying habits to what were looking to purchase in the future. With algorithms that allow data to be stored companies like Amazon have been going full force on to what is... Continue Reading →

“Access in real space or cyberspace”

With the rise of the 3D printer, the technology has drastically increased and are becoming much more affordable. Advertisers see a lot of potential when it comes to changing something from 2D to a 3-demensional. Creating not only new ways for brands to create experiences for their audiences. By designing a Yoda bauble head or... Continue Reading →

Be contagious or camouflaged

Viral content is almost impossible to predict. There is no way to plan for something to go viral. It’s something that isn’t there one moment and then bam, it's everywhere. You can’t even avoid it, it’s on the news, all over social media, and it’s the only thing your friends are talking about. Once something... Continue Reading →

Engage or enslave?

The way advertising changes from being not so useful to useful will only happen when the advertising reaches the right target. Focusing on reaching the right consumers is as critical as picking the right content to show. Knowing your audience and what they will do when a little interactivity is involved allows for huge opportunities. Being able... Continue Reading →

Ambient Type

Exceed Maximum - BMW This BMW piece was created by the Serviceplan agency within Munich, Germany. They were asked to create a special billboard which had dimensions of a 50 m x 2 m light wall. So they decided to use the reflection as a way to finish the other 2 m they needed to... Continue Reading →

Type in Motion – Best Friend

Most music videos now are done in the interest to save money and push music out fast. The rise of the lyric video has started to become a very popular thing in the music industry. Videos like "Sorry" by Justin Bieber have had a recent craze even though I believe it could of been done a... Continue Reading →

Consumer Behaviour Instincts

Consumer behaviour is the study of how people buy, what they buy, when they buy it, and the reasons why they buy it. There is a psychology behind making everyday decisions and tapping into these can lead to getting that consumer to purchase the product being advertised. It’s very true that companies spend a lot... Continue Reading →

Defining the Brand

Everyday messages are being sent to consumers through a variety of ways such as packaging, news, personal selling, events, promotions, advertising, and even blogs. With many of these colliding with each other this will heighten the interest and desire for the brand. Every brands goal is to get the customer to buy their product and shadow the competition.... Continue Reading →

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