Defining the Brand

Everyday messages are being sent to consumers through a variety of ways such as packaging, news, personal selling, events, promotions, advertising, and even blogs. With many of these colliding with each other this will heighten the interest and desire for the brand. Every brands goal is to get the customer to buy their product and shadow the competition. The best way to visualize this is to picture a consumer in front of a store shelf looking at all the brands. Which one will that person choose? The customer picks one and places that brand in their cart and heads to the next aisle. Which one did they pick?

Well, the principle suggests that every form of communication is going to have some type of impact. Even if its a small amount it will increase the chance that the brand had an impact will stand out compared to the others. The impact of the message and its ability to predetermine the customers decisions even before they know their decision. This comes from what the brand has to offer the customer (the reason why they should buy it) and convince them to commit to the purchase.

What is a brand? A brand is many things, its a name, design, symbol, term, or any other feature that a seller’s good or service that differentiates itself from the competition. A brand can identify one item or many items of company. In legal terms “brand” is a trademark. The customers perception of brands are largely based on what that brand represents and what they stand for. It is an image in essence and in the mind of the consumer its built over time from what they know about the company or product. If some bad reputation around a brand takes place their image within their customer base takes a hit. With a brand you must stand in a high order towards your customers because no one will support a company with a brand reputation. Even if it that reputation wasn’t directly about the product but maybe some bad personal relations.

Brands can have a status symbol attached to them. This means potential buyers don’t have to question the quality of the clothes; he or she is buying the image and reputation of the clothes, created by marketing over a long period of time. What this means is if a brand has a very good image or reputation they will be in high demand. When something is in high demand prices go up, so having a brand with a good public image can sometimes lead to higher profits. Whenever and wherever a consumer is choosing between a product, brands will play a role in the decision making process.

How important do you think branding is towards a company or a product?



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