Type in Motion – Best Friend

Most music videos now are done in the interest to save money and push music out fast. The rise of the lyric video has started to become a very popular thing in the music industry. Videos like “Sorry” by Justin Bieber have had a recent craze even though I believe it could of been done a lot better. Most of the time these videos are usually just to release the music and avoid spending a ton of money on a normal one.

One lyric video that caught my eye was Yelawolf “Best Friend” this video stays specifically digital. With a unique style and the feature Eminem once he starts rapping in the video the lyrics and the typography really start to work and the video comes to life. I believe the first part could use a little bit of work to make it less repetitive with the type. However that is a small part and something you can’t really change with a lyric video.



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