Ambient Type

Exceed Maximum – BMW

This BMW piece was created by the Serviceplan agency within Munich, Germany. They were asked to create a special billboard which had dimensions of a 50 m x 2 m light wall. So they decided to use the reflection as a way to finish the other 2 m they needed to spell “Exceed Maximum”. Very clever way to get more advertising space and impact people walking by just using type.

Symmetry plays a huge role in how this sign came into existence. As most of the half letters require a reflection to create the full letter some letters become excluded. So some careful word choices were made and I guess exceed maximum won. The reasoning for these two words of choice are mainly tying together the exceeding limits aspect of BMW’s campaign. However, it also reflects on how they exceeded the maximum use out of the sign by doubling its media space and attention.

What I took away from this is that new ideas and clever use of technology can allow you to create some new and interesting ways to advertise. Whether it be a reflection from a sign or some other crazy idea advertising is constantly changing and with it typography.


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