Engage or enslave?

The way advertising changes from being not so useful to useful will only happen when the advertising reaches the right target. Focusing on reaching the right consumers is as critical as picking the right content to show. Knowing your audience and what they will do when a little interactivity is involved allows for huge opportunities. Being able to engage, participate, and immediately act with a click of a button allows users to feel appreciated. If done correctly it won’t even feel like advertising was involved at all.

Creating experiences so people can relate and share them with their community allows a brand to be connected along their journey. Done right this can lead brands to build huge communities online with free engagement. Being less invasive in advertising seems to be a new approach. Where if you can deliver on the experience aspect the users won’t feel as violated bringing the brand along with them. Building trust with those brands is critical when it comes to interactivity. So, when you see play-to-win games or pay-to-post websites you can see where trust can easily be lost. Not to mention brands investing into something trending and then slowly change to meet their needs. These types of situations are critical to making sure the interactivity in a game or an app needs to be focused on benefiting the user. An example of a useful UX would be when Twitch a website which live-streams people playing video games. Had just released their Chat Replay function which allows users to rewatch rebroadcasted videos with the chat that was live during it. So they can stay connected if anything happened within the chat while it was being broadcasted.

Image result for twitch chat

An interesting thing I’ve been following recently is the new YouTube Super Chat where they have added a bunch of new features to help push their new YouTube TV. These features offered many interactive ways to watch your TV shows on YouTube. Some features are optimising your search for specific genres and artists. As well as things you wouldn’t normally see from YouTube like highlights from the web.


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