Be contagious or camouflaged

Viral content is almost impossible to predict. There is no way to plan for something to go viral. It’s something that isn’t there one moment and then bam, it’s everywhere. You can’t even avoid it, it’s on the news, all over social media, and it’s the only thing your friends are talking about. Once something goes viral it’s very hard to stop it from going mainstream. With the current technology, everyone has a cell phone and can upload anything interesting in a matter of minutes. With apps even having video editing capabilities it offers users an easy way to share content.


One of my favorite viral examples would be when Conan invites Ice Cube and Kevin Hart to share a Lyft ride with him. The video was comedic gold and spread like wildfire once it aired. With it almost instantly being posted on Reddit and YouTube you knew it was going to be a huge deal the following day. Next thing you know it’s being shown on almost every talk show in the morning and even on the late night shows the following days.

It was such a success that Conan created another video that also reached viral status with them the following year. They used an intern at Conan’s show who was just learning how to drive. They decided to drive along with her and help her learn how to drive and pass her test. As you can expect it was just as good as the last time they were together. The hilarity ensued and it was just as success as the previous video. The following day the same viral aspects took place and you could see the synergy of these three and their potential to get something to go viral.

There’s no way to predict trends but there are ways to factor in what might go viral. Keeping content new and having things under certain frameworks will allow someone to help amplify their message. Using methods like this and following what is currently trending can help you better predict what might work for you. There is no way to plan for something to go viral but there are ways to help you on the way to that trending status.


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