“Access in real space or cyberspace”

With the rise of the 3D printer, the technology has drastically increased and are becoming much more affordable. Advertisers see a lot of potential when it comes to changing something from 2D to a 3-demensional. Creating not only new ways for brands to create experiences for their audiences. By designing a Yoda bauble head or your own Lego set, companies are now at a place where they can help their online audience engage with their brand from millions of miles away. Technology is improving at such an amazing rate that even NASA uses 3D printers to build parts of their rockets. With a demand to get 3D printing technology on the Space Station to help solve issues with resupply specific parts. This could save NASA a lot of money by sending materials they would be able to print whatever they needed to replace easily. As we venture farther into our solar system we will need technology like this help fix problems while we’re millions of miles away from Earth.




The major drawback from using 3D printers in today’s advertising age is what decides whether something is worth creating? Well, that seems to be one of the issues that advertisers face when it comes to 3D printing. When does something become cheap or a waste or time to create? Well, it’s a very new market and I believe with every new piece of technology that comes out we must gauge it very closely. There will be times when you see pointless du-dads on someone’s desk and you will shake your head, but there will also be those times when you see an amazing 3D printed item and then print one yourself. That’s one of the great things about 3D printing is the community around it. There are websites dedicated to user built designs that are open to anyone to print them. Offering a way to help new creators learn and experience building something they made.

The positive side of 3D printing and how it can truly change our ability to create unique items that are available to the world. If a brand has a unique message why not express it in tech that can help engage them with their audience. Moving forward 3-dimensional printing is the way of the future and I believe it offers a way to help create content for people around the world. The way the community supports itself it won’t surprise me if 3D printers eventually standardise. Right now, the biggest issue they face is there are so many types that it is hard to have a standard. Meaning they currently don’t have the greatest methods to transition to a different type of 3D printer if a better one comes out.


The most amazing thing I see with 3D printers is the accessibility towards getting one for your home. With technology, you know how fast it can be to see something that just was released be in the hands of the average customer. It has already started to become fruition with most 3D printers costing around $1000-1500, it doesn’t surprise me that people have already started to do 3D printing as a hobby. It wouldn’t be impossible to imagine every person having a 3D printer like they do a printer within the next couple years. The main thing I see making this successful or not is if they can keep improving on the technology and the material used. Once they figure out how to create content with insane detail with strong material that is when the real 3D boom will begin.


One concerning thing I had with 3D printing is regards to the legality of it all. I have read a few articles of people creating guns that fire and knives with their 3D printers. Most of the designs were online with some countries making restrictions on building them. With how easy it is to pirate software soon it will be easy to access these illegal prints that could potentially be lethal. The implication of these in a country that is at war would be huge and I believe something like that might eventually happen. Where you can see 3D printers building their weapons of terror.


Issues with 3D printed firearms: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D_printed_firearms

YouTube Video of 3D printed gun firing: https://youtu.be/zJyf1IrHtcE?t=34s

3D Printing Could Revolutionize Modern Warfare: http://read.bi/2sdOOSO


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