“Carte Blanche”

Interactive Technology in Advertisements

Just searching for great interactive ads on Google showed me how far we have come with the types of media we consume daily. Interactive advertisements are in almost every aspect of the world. From print, online, to the billboards we drive by each day. They’re getting better and better every year. With things that even surprise me on how clever they’re built. One example I really enjoyed was the SNCF “Europe. It’s Just Next Door” campaign where they built a door projecting two parts of the world.

This campaign showed how to build interactivity on the streets in multiple cities in Europe. It had great success and even now the video has millions of views. They offered a unique experience in each city from getting a street artist to draw them to biking with people a million miles away. This is a great way for a brand to target the right people. SNCF have specifically targeted the people touring Europe which in essence is what the brand is going after in this campaign.

Another great example was when LG released their new Ultra HD TV they decided to trick a few people while interviewing them for a job. While the TV is placed in the window and with the right sound effects everything unfolds perfectly.

Getting some great reactions this video got amazing views online and showcased perfectly what LG was wanting. How amazing their Ultra HD TV’s were so much that they could even scare people in an interview with the end of the world. This is a great way to demonstrate your product in a light-hearted way. Hopefully, they compensated those people interviewing. It can be hard enough going to an interview let alone thinking your about to die during it.

One very interesting campaign that really stood out to me was UTEC’s billboard that pulls moisture out of the air in Lima, Peru. Lima sees very little rain each year and relies heavily on wells. After the billboard went up it was generating enough clean water for hundreds of families every month. You never really hear the words we need more billboards, but truly the people in Lima were saying just that. A little engineering and with the right amount of technology you can really see how far interactivity goes hand in hand with advertising.


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